The Sump of Lost Dreams (Jamie's Myth #3) (Paperback)

The Sump of Lost Dreams (Jamie's Myth #3) By Glenn Myers Cover Image
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Thanks to a near-death experience, Jamie Smith can commute across dimensions to the heavens, home of the invisible machinery behind our world. Along with his scary colleague Keziah Mordant, he has been recruited into an eccentric organization that tries to change things on earth by fixing and steering broken souls through the many hazards of the heavens: bad moods, clouds of anxiety, vortexes of self-loathing.

Mark Bright, Keziah's delicious new boyfriend, is trying to set up a cafe and homelessness hub on earth. In the heavens, evil spirits plot to destroy it, and to send Jamie and Keziah into the celestial sewer system, The Sump of Lost Dreams.

Helped in the battle by the prophet Jonah and an ancient female physicist, Jamie and Keziah visit the souls of two town planners, patch up some old sinners, try to out-think some very stupid beings, fight each other, a lot, and even argue with the Personification of Divine Wisdom. Along the way, Keziah fears being found out by happiness and Jamie goes on a circular tour of the foods of Southeast Asia.

The Sump of Lost Dreams is about when you think you've lost everything, you might be right.

Review of Paradise - a Divine Comedy

What a great book Loved the characters, the creativity, the dialogue ... There is much to think about beyond the story itself and the book gives a delightfully comic but definitely insightful look into the human psyche and soul ... I loved every aspect of it. I was given Paradise by a friend who knows I enjoy good lwriting. I have to say that any book which keeps me reading the next chapter because I've become absorbed in the characters and the unfolding story is a book well worth reading. This is one of those books. I look forward to the sequel. Susan Sutton, author.

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ISBN: 9780956501035
ISBN-10: 0956501036
Publisher: Glenn Myers
Publication Date: May 10th, 2018
Pages: 244
Language: English
Series: Jamie's Myth