Lifespan Development: Cultural and Contextual Applications for the Helping Professions (Paperback)

Lifespan Development: Cultural and Contextual Applications for the Helping Professions By J. Kelly Coker, Kristi B. Cannon, Savitri V. Dixon-Saxon Cover Image
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It's refreshing to see a lifespan text written by helping professionals for helping professionals. This is the exact textbook I have been searching for since I began teaching this course 15 years ago. I know my students will gain a lot of insight from the case studies and podcasts. This is an essential text for my class and I am grateful for all the supplemental instructional resources.

Jennifer R. Curry, PhD, NCC Shirley B. Barton Endowed Professor College of Human Sciences and Education Louisiana State University

Provides fundamental knowledge while challenging readers to question, evaluate, and consider contextual factors when applying developmental theories

This unique and refreshing text imbues lifespan development theories, concepts, and research with unaccustomed energy and life--while meeting the rigorous academic standards required for accreditation in the helping professions. Going beyond mere memorization, the book illuminates the contextual and cultural dimensions of human development by underscoring current and relevant research; considering the racial, social, and economic factors that impact human development; offering the perspectives of a broad spectrum of esteemed helping professionals; and incorporating case studies, podcasts, vivid graphics, and interactive activities.

Highlighting the ways in which developmental theories are applicable to contemporary life, the text uses case studies to demonstrate how clinicians can use their knowledge of development to support client growth, the expertise of multidisciplinary health professionals to highlight different developmental theories and approaches, and analyzes foundational theories against a backdrop of current research that factors in contextual and cultural dimensions. These include a focus on racial and social inequality, social media, children with special needs, persons with disabilities, poverty, and development in time of pandemic. Chapters are organized by lifespan development phases and begin with a case study emphasizing cultural and contextual considerations followed by relevant theories and models to conceptualize the particular phase. Supportive teaching tools include Instructor's Manual, PowerPoints, and Test Bank. Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers.

Key Features:

  • Delivers engaging approach to lifespan development while maintaining strict academic standards
  • Illuminates the contextual and cultural dimensions of human development by underscoring contemporary research
  • Offers the perspectives of multidisciplinary experts who highlight varied theories and approaches
  • Written by authors of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and professional identities to ensure diverse, culturally responsive perspectives
  • Provides podcasts for most chapters from experts focusing on cultural and contextual dimensions of specific theories
  • Uses student reflection boxes to focus on specific and current factors impacting development
  • Includes abundant graphics, interactive activities, and links to outside resources to reinforce learning

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