Dog Psalms: Prayers My Dogs Have Taught Me (Paperback)

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In this companion to Cat Psalms, Herbert Brokering explores the similarities in the relationship between dogs and owners and the relationship between humans and God. His descriptions of well-loved canine attributes-including trusting, pleading, loving, guarding-are followed by prayers that explore these traits in our relationship with God. Whimsical and insightful, Dog Psalms is for readers seeking creative expressions for their faith.

I Nest

I am dog. I nest. I turn and turn to lie down. I know the basket, the rug, the corner, the couch. I make the place my safe nest. I nest like a bird making sure my place is right. I nest where I can see you, feel you near, hear your voice, guard you. I nest in a ritual of comfort, knowing I am now home.

Dear God,

I know my place of rest. It is our place, where I hear you best, where you are near and I am safe. You give me places that are my home, where my spirit is right, mind is right, mood is right. You see me turn this way and that way, inside, outside, until I find my nesting place.

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ISBN: 9780806651606
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Publisher: Fortress Press
Publication Date: June 15th, 2004
Pages: 64
Language: English