Bold and Beautiful Watercolor Skies: Learn to Paint Stunning Clouds, Sunsets, Galaxies, and More - A Master Class for Beginners (30 Day Art Challenge) (Paperback)

Bold and Beautiful Watercolor Skies: Learn to Paint Stunning Clouds, Sunsets, Galaxies, and More - A Master Class for Beginners (30 Day Art Challenge) By Zaneena Nabeel, Aurora by Z Cover Image
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Take a 30-day art challenge and build watercolor skills while creating 30 gorgeous skies for every time of day and light effect.

Art challenges are a popular way for artists at all skill levels to learn about and master a medium and establish a consistent creative practice. Written and illustrated by Zaneena Nabeel, popular Instagram artist and online art instructor also known as Aurora by Z, Bold and Beautiful Watercolor Skies teaches aspiring artists how to master simple techniques to create inspiring images of striking skies through 30 sky projects.
  • Getting to Know Watercolor. Learn about the essential supplies, techniques, and color knowledge through easy exercises that give you the skills you’ll need to create the projects.
  • Bold and Beautiful Skies: 30 Days, 30 Projects. Explore what an art challenge can help you achieve as an artist, then follow the 30 step-by-step tutorials to create a range of stunning, colorful skies and light effects, from a bright blue morning to a fiery red sunset, from a starry night to the aurora borealis.

Whether you follow the program to make a painting a day or choose to create your paintings over a longer time frame, Bold and Beautiful Watercolor Skies will teach you how to master basic techniques to create amazing images through the support of a structured approach.

About the Author

Zaneena Nabeel, aka Aurora by Z, is an architect by profession and an artist by vocation. She returned to artmaking after completing her architecture studies, finding healing and happiness through drawing, painting, and playing with color, inspiring her to start and Instagram page, where she shares her work. In addition to teaching many classes on Skillshare, she hosts art workshops and organizes exhibitions both locally and internationally. Originally from India, she is currently based in Dubai. To see more of Zaneena's work, visit, @AurorabyZ on YouTube, and @aurorabyz on Instagram.

Praise For…

"The book is organized into clear, step-by-step instructions and you’ll simply love the color combinations. You start understanding the skies immediately and may find yourself watching the sunset with a whole new mindset."—GeekDad

"An ideal and effective DIY introduction to painting with watercolors."—Midwest Book Review

“Zaneena does a great job of walking us through the structure of a layout, showing us how to paint all the various elements we need and then putting them together in a way that enables us to create our own, all in a beautiful style and colors. Her classes are definitely worth the watch.” —Jo-Marie Barlow, Skillshare student

“Zaneena’s courses are just wonderful! I’ve taken many now, and each has improved my skills, inspiration, confidence, motivation, and love of painting. She is engaging, uplifting, and encouraging, and loves art so much it’s infectious.” —Veronica Macramalla, Skillshare student

“Zaneena's watercolor classes have always been top notch. She has in-depth knowledge of watercolor and explains the techniques and methods in a very easy-to-follow way, in a sweet and soothing voice. That's why her classes are so popular. I enjoy her classes and learn so much! Keep inspiring, Z.” —Gracy Dsouza, Skillshare student

“I have loved painting along with Zaneena, following her simple, clear instructions and listening to her sweet, cheerful voice. I've never tried landscapes before, nor such bright, beautiful colors. Her love of color has rubbed off on me now. I have learned so much through her courses, with the different techniques applied. It has been like therapy to sit at my desk each time and complete a whole beautiful painting within such a short space of time, often just 30 minutes. So satisfying to see my completed projects, some better than others, but learning something every time. I feel so much more confident now to try a landscape of my own. Thank you, Zaneena—you definitely deserve your title of ‘Top Teacher.’" —Gaylene Salomon, Skillshare student

“Zaneena is a great teacher. She goes very gently through all the steps involved several times before starting a project, and is so clear to understand in all her directions." —Tara Padgett-Dickey, Skillshare student

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Publication Date: October 31st, 2023
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