Mirroring Effect (Paperback)

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By Cn Nash
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Desi and Demi Vander shared the bond that only sisters have. Even when they didn't get along, Desi knew that her sister loved her. When Demi dies, Desi's grief overcomes her. She feels like she's drowning in her agony.

Her psychologist, Dr. Neil, explains the five stages of grief, but Desi doesn't care about working through her emotions. She doesn't care about acceptance. All she wants are answers. She wants to know why her popular, glamorous sister would kill herself. Demi had so many people who loved her. Why did she decide to end her life?

To find true closure, Desi begins reading her sister's diary and grows closer to the Clique, Demi's tight circle of friends.

As Desi makes friends with the members of the Clique, she begins distancing herself from her old life. She doesn't have time for her best friend, April, or the strangely irritating guy from her art class, Ryan. Instead, Desi throws herself into having fun and enjoying her newfound popularity.

Demi's diary entries warn her about the dangers that come with popularity. Will Desi be true to herself, or will her grief mold her into someone else?

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ISBN: 9780692893876
ISBN-10: 0692893873
Publisher: Cn Nash
Publication Date: June 30th, 2017
Pages: 380
Language: English