Conquering the Fear of Rejection: How to become Fear-Free in your Social, School and Sales Relationships (Paperback)

Conquering the Fear of Rejection: How to become Fear-Free in your Social, School and Sales Relationships By Scott Sindelar Cover Image
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How to become Absolutely Fearless using simple, proven techniques More than 50 tools, tips, and techniques that you can start using right now Imagine how different your life would be if FEAR did not hold your back. These are the same techniques I have taught to thousands of people from all walks of life. These are the same techniques that others have paid thousands of dollars to learn, yet you can have your personal copy for a few dollars. Do you have a speech to give? Learn how to make a presentation with enthusiasm and excitement, rather than fear and anxiety. Are you afraid to ask for what you want or for what you deserve? Learn how to ask without feeling nervous or inadequate. Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Discover the simple tools to overcome this painful condition. Do you try to hide your fears, while deep inside you are feeling terrified? Learn the best ever tool for reversing the physical symptoms. Do you avoid potentially rewarding activities because of your fears? Learn how to take control of your feelings and reacti Conquer your Fear of Rejection and start living Is fear trapping you in a dungeon of despair? Learn how to escape using the keys for freeing your potential. Do you avoid speaking up because you don;t want to look foolish? Learn the tools for gaining confidence. Do you find yourself thinking about the worst things that could happen? Do you feel inadequate when comparing yourself to others? Is life passing you by instead of being able to join in and reaping the benefits of fear-free living? Now is the time to learn how to create the inner calmness and security.. You have nothing to lose, but your fear.

About the Author

As a psychologist, neuropsychologist, and forensic psychologist, I have been working with dual-diagnosis (Substance Abuse + Other Psychological Disorders) patients, assisting patients and clients for over 30 years. I taught in the psychology department at Arizona State University, designed and managed inpatient and residential programs, and have a private practice in Scottsdale, AZ. I enjoy writing, presenting seminars, and helping a larger audience than I could ever reach through my private practice. I am also a Trike Pilot (a safe and enjoyable sport, flying motor gliders as seen in the movie Fly Away Home). I am an avid reader, and noticed that the volume of books I read has increased dramatically since obtaining a Kindle and syncing it with my iPhone and laptop.

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ISBN: 9780692245569
ISBN-10: 0692245561
Publisher: Clean House Press
Publication Date: June 25th, 2014
Pages: 212
Language: English