Money, Gifts and Sex: A Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby in a New Dress Among the African Australians (Hardcover)

Money, Gifts and Sex: A Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby in a New Dress Among the African Australians By Saturnino Onyala Cover Image
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In this book Saturnino Onyala describes the social nature of unspoken, hidden, and uncultured sugar relationships among African Australians. He points out what are the driving forces behind these practices used by Africans in Australia. Material collected for this book is based on questionnaires, phone conversations, and face-to-face discussions. The collection of facts has revealed many truths about unspoken sugar relationships among African Australians who generally do not want to discuss their social affairs publicly and honestly. This topic has never been studied and documented, even though Africans have now lived in Australia for nearly three decades. This is the first holistic and unique book that attempts to document factual sugar relationships among African Australians.
Saturnino Onyala reveals the African Australians' perceptions of a sugar daddy and sugar baby, as opposed to Anglo-Australians' perceptions. Thus, for lovers of knowledge, this is a must-read book for sociologists, social workers, law makers, community service providers, family support workers, counsellors, anthropologists, students of social science and others who may want to learn why African Australians have become involved in such relationships. This is a new and huge challenge for the Africans in their new home.
The book begins by examining the background of sugar relationships in Australia and how sugar relationships originated in the Western World. It goes on to describe how the Africans found their way to their new country and how they developed hidden sugar relationships among themselves. Research conducted by Onyala among 80 African Australians, revealed that African sugar daddies operate on a different platform from that of Anglo-Australians. The research reveals that the practice of sugar relationships among the African Australians has had a great impact on them. It has led some of them to think that the practice is significantly good and they lose nothing if they enjoy this lifestyle in their new country of freedom.
It is demonstrated that the majority of Africans involved in this practice are men and women who are divorced, widowed or widowers who are looking for peace of mind, happiness and sex which they lost through divorce or death. Needless to say, few married men and women are also involved in the practice.
The book attempts to answer the question, "Will sugar relationships lead to remarriage, and if so, what dating advice should be followed?" The book further describes multiple sugar relationships and its consequences, plus the cause and symptoms of female genital sores and rashes, as well as thrush in men. Since it appears that some older African women are also involved in sugar relationships, menopause is also briefly discussed. The book also examines the dark (negative) and white (positive) sides of women and men in general, and the positive and negative sides of single males and single females.

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Publication Date: April 13th, 2020
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