Alter (Hardcover)

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Lennox, Erris, Wisdom... There are many voices in Laura's mind, but no one will believe her.

Laura has spent the last ten years trapped inside Clover Center's white walls. After a childhood haunted by strange daydreams, she thinks she finally has a handle on the visitors who hijack her body and mind.

But as her eighteenth birthday looms closer, Laura's already complicated life takes a turn. She is transferred to the Tomlinson Institute of Research, where she's told she'll find the answers she's been seeking all her life.

Inside Laura's mind hides the power to save the world from a terrible darkness... but as she unravels the secrets of her past, Laura learns hers isn't the only world that needs saving.

Alter is a gripping and intricate tale of conspiracy, mad scientists and broken lives. A multiverse of blurry lines, lies, and deceit where we are confronted with the best of humankind... and its very worst.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578995991
ISBN-10: 0578995999
Publisher: Midnight Tide Publishing
Publication Date: January 26th, 2022
Pages: 380
Language: English