Animals in Danger (A True Book: Understanding Climate Change) (A True Book (Relaunch)) (Hardcover)

Animals in Danger (A True Book: Understanding Climate Change) (A True Book (Relaunch)) By Katie Free Cover Image
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Glaciers are melting. Summers are heating up. Sea levels are on the rise. Climate change is affecting every corner of our planet - and it's the subject of a lot of concern, activism, and debate.

How is climate change affecting Earth's ecosystems? What happens to animals and other organisms when the habitats around them start to change? This book addresses how climate change affects species on land and in the ocean, which species are most at risk of extinction, and why the speed at which changes are happening makes it difficult for organisms to adapt.STEM meets current events in this new A True Book set that offers readers the chance to learn about the causes and effects of climate change, as well as how people around the world are reacting to it. Students will read about the history and scope of the problem, analyze the same kinds of evidence that scientists do, and come away with tools that will help them respond to this pressing global issue.This series covers Next Generation Science Standards core ideas including Weather and Climate, Human Impacts on Earth Systems, Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer, and Biodiversity and Humans.

About the Author

Katie Free is a science writer based in Austin, Texas. She discovered her love of science and nature after writing a second-grade book report about Jane Goodall. Katie has worked for Scientific American, National Geographic, Science Friday, Popular Mechanics, and Scholastic. Now she writes about science and math for kids, covering subjects from waterslides and robots to fossilized poop and giant snails.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780531130759
ISBN-10: 0531130754
Publisher: Children's Press
Publication Date: February 4th, 2020
Pages: 48
Language: English
Series: A True Book (Relaunch)