More Goops and How Not to Be Them (Timeless Classics) (Paperback)

More Goops and How Not to Be Them (Timeless Classics) By Gelett Burgess Cover Image
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Ink, ink What do you think
You're sure to be stained, if you play with the ink
You're sure to get black, if you play with the ink-well,
Before you begin it, just stop once, and think well
All over your fingers, all over your face,
All over your clothes, and all over the place
Your mother'll be angry, your father'll say, -There
I said not to touch it; you said you'd take care -
When Goops are so mischievous, they have to drink
Forty-four dozen bottles of raven black ink

The Goops are back with their sloppy manners, rudeness and general all around naughtiness, setting an example of how not to behave, much to the endless delight of children of all ages. First published in 1903, this second of the well-known Goop books contains many of the funniest and most original of Burgess's famous rhymes.
Children and their parents will delight in the antics of these amusing little creatures as they scamper about on every page in hilarious drawings by the author. Eighty seven verses give the -dos and the don'ts- of justice, frankness, -ain't, - walking with Papa, piano torture, how to eat soup, books, manners, cheating, visiting, picking and stealing, loyalty, indolence, exaggeration, noise, inquisitiveness, wet feet, and many more.

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