Homeland Security: An Introduction to Principles and Practice (Hardcover)

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Homeland Security: An Introduction to Principles and Practice, Fourth Edition continues its record of providing a fully updated, no-nonsense textbook to reflect the latest policy, operational, and program changes to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) over the last several years. The blend of theory with practical application instructs students on how to understand the need to reconcile policy and operational philosophy with the real-world use of technologies and implementation of practices.

The new edition is completely updated to reflect changes to both new challenges and continually changing considerations. This includes facial recognition, intelligence gathering techniques, information sharing databases, white supremacy, domestic terrorism and lone wolf actors, border security and immigration, the use of drones and surveillance technology, cybersecurity, the status of ISIS and Al Qaeda, the increased nuclear threat, COVID-19, ICE, DACA, and immigration policy challenges. Consideration of, and the coordinated response, to all these and more is housed among a myriad of federal agencies and departments.


- Provides the latest organizational changes, restructures, and policy developments in DHS

- Outlines the role of multi-jurisdictional agencies--this includes stakeholders at all levels of government relative to the various intelligence community, law enforcement, emergency managers, and private sector agencies

- Presents a balanced approach to the challenges the federal and state government agencies are faced with in emergency planning and preparedness, countering terrorism, and critical infrastructure protection

- Includes full regulatory and oversight legislation passed since the last edition, as well as updates on the global terrorism landscape and prominent terrorist incidents, both domestic and international

- Highlights emerging, oftentimes controversial, topics such as the use of drones, border security and immigration, surveillance technologies, and pandemic planning and response

- Contains extensive pedagogy including learning objectives, sidebar boxes, chapter summaries, end of chapter questions, Web links, and references for ease in comprehension

Homeland Security, Fourth Edition continues to serve as the comprehensive and authoritative text on homeland secuirty. The book presents the various DHS state and federal agencies and entities within the government--their role, how they operate, their structure, and how they interact with other agencies--to protect U.S. domestic interests from various dynamic threats.

Ancillaries including an Instructor's Manual with Test Bank and chapter PowerPointTM slides for classroom presentation are also available for this book and can be provided for qualified course instructors.

Charles P. Nemeth

is a recognized expert in homeland security and a leader in the private security industry, private sector justice, and homeland security education. He has more than 45 book publications and is currently Chair of the Department of Security, Fire, and Emergency Management at John Jay College in New York City.

About the Author

Dr. Charles P. Nemeth has spent the vast majority of his professional life in the study and practice of law and justice. He is a recognized expert on professional ethics and the justice system, private-sector justice and private security systems. Presently, Dr. Nemeth is Chair and Professor of Security, Fire and Emergency Management and Director of the Center of Private Security and Safety at John Jay College in New York City. He is a prolific writer, having published numerous texts and articles on law and justice throughout his impressive career. His text, Private Security and the Law 4th- (Elsevier, 2012) is considered the foremost treatise on the subject matter. A 5th edition has been published by Taylor/Francis, 2018. His private security expertise is further buttressed by: Private Security and Investigative Process 4th edition (CRC Press, 2019); Private Security: Principles and Practice (CRC Press, 2019l Criminal Law 2nd (CRC Press, 2012) and Law and Evidence 2nd (Jones and Bartlett, 2010). In the area of Homeland Security, he has published Introduction to Homeland Security: Practices and Principles 3rd edition (CRC Press, 2010, 2014, 2017). A 4th edition is planned for 2020. Dr. Nemeht has also authored a series of philosophical works on Thomas Aquinas including: Aquinas on Crime (St. Augustine's Press, 2010); Aquinas in the Courtroom (Praeger/Greenwood Press, 2001); Aquinas and King: A Discourse on Civil Disobedience (Carolina Academic Press, 2011) and Cicero and Aquinas: A Comparative Study of Nature and the Natural Law (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018). He has also served as Chief Editor to a peer reviewed journal- The Homeland Security Review since 2005 and currently serves as Chief Editor for the Law, Ethics and Jurisprudence series to be published by Anthem Press.Dr. Nemeth has been an educator for more than 40 years. He holds memberships in the New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania Bars. Dr. Nemeth was previously a Chair at the State University of New York at Brockport and California University of PA- one of Pennsylvania's 14 State Universities. Dr. Nemeth is a much-sought-after legal consultant for security companies and a recognized scholar on issues involving law, professional ethics and morality and the impact of privatization on public justice models. Dr. Nemeth resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his spouse, Jean Marie, together for 48 years and blessed with seven children all of whom are accomplished personally and professionally.

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